The Research, Development and Innovation Department has two main goals:
• To promote research and innovation both in students and all school faculty and staff
• Disseminate knowledge so that the school becomes an example to follow in education, nationally and internationally.

During 2015 we participated in and developed the following projects:

• Characterization of the English and Spanish teaching practices with regards to reading and writing, in collaboration with Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.
• Definition of the Marymount Model, in collaboration with Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.
• 1st Teaching English Practices Conference
• Diploma course in pedagogy in cooperation with Universidad La Salle.
• 1st Marymount School Science Fair. Ondas
• Science Fair CT+I 2015, in which Marymount was the winner in one of the categories.
• Departmental Fair organized by Centro de Ciencia y Tecnología de Antioquia- CTA Marymount Research Unit – MRU. Ondas. Marymount was a finalist.
• Desafío Proyecto Círculos Horizontes. VISDOM. Nutresa, Kairos, Universidad Nacional.
• Strategic Language Plan for Medellin – public policy.
• XV International Forum in Early Childhood Education – VI Latin-American Conference organized by OMEP.
• Robotics Innovation Group
• Talk: “Respecting Differences” in the 1st Educational Conference of South America and the Caribbean.