“The school is an ally in our daughter’s education. It has provided us with tools to understand our daughter’s stage of development and be able to communicate effectively with her. However, the most important thing is that she enjoys and benefits from her time spent in school which is reflected in her behavior and development.”

Carolina Villegas and Juan Camilo Suarez
Violeta Suárez Villegas’ Parents


“What we like the most about the school is the coherence between the methodology and the results which in our opinion are reflected in her love for the school.  Our daughter is a happy child and this happiness has been achieved thanks to the values instilled by the school which we find essential as a family.”

Ana María Henao and Juan Esteban Cock
María Cock Henao’s Parents


“Where do our children spend most of the time when they are not home? In school; that’s why choosing the right school is so important for their education and future.  When we found out our first child was going to be a girl, we didn’t think it twice, Marymount School was what first came to our minds.  We felt the same joy two years later when our second daughter was born. Today, when Isabela is about to start third grade, a very special year since she receives her first communion, and Maria is about to start elementary school, we look back and know we have made the right decision.  The school has met all our expectations. Besides the academic excellence, the level of English, the education in social values, and the love for Jesus, our daughters Isabela and María are happy girls.”

Carlos Mario Rivera and Marcela Baena
Isabela y María Rivera Baena’s Parents 


 “Our family came to Marymount looking for a school and found an ally. We couldn’t call this opportunity to grow and learn as a family differently since we have all learned and nourished in this relationship.  The school is our ally because we see how the seeds of autonomy, excellence and especially of a good human being grow each day.”

Federico Balthazar and Bibiana Correa
Adelaida Balthazar Correa’s Parents

High School

“Marymount students can count on the unconditional support and care from all school teachers, psychologists, priests and directors who offer them plenty of opportunities, such as spiritual retreats, workshops, conferences, national and international trips, to achieve an excellent spiritual, emotional, moral, cultural and academic growth.

After 13 years in the school, we feel very proud to see in Juanita the results of the humane, spiritual, and academic education the school has provided her; how she can tell right from wrong, the coherence in her ideas and her maturity.”

Gabriel Jaime Gaviria and Lucy Ruiz
Juanita Gaviria Ruiz’s Parents


“Choosing a school for my daughters has been one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made.  It is a great challenge to find an institution where the people who make part of it share the same values and principles that we as parents would like to imbue in our children because educating for excellence is a shared responsibility. Without any doubt, Marymount was the choice that has allowed my daughters to serve society.”

Juan Estrada Berrío
Katthy Estrada Posada’s Father, Alumane 2012