The Learning Center



The Learning Center is the place where our students’ special needs, individuality and alternative ways of approaching learning are detected and timely intervention is carried out so that they can thrive in their courses and their motivation remains high. In addition the Learning Centre will help plan their academic processes and coordinate the work of the internal and external professionals who participate in the interventions.
With the Learning Center we are responding to one of the biggest education needs in Colombia and worldwide. Marta Lucía Bernal Alvarez, its Director, is a Marymount alumna with 25 years of experience in the field of education. Marta’s undergraduate studies focused on learning difficulties and she holds a masters in neuropsychology and education as well as a diploma in neuroeducation with emphasis in neurodiversity.

“Nowadays, we are fortunate to be experiencing the advances in neuroscience and neuroeducation which have made it clear that neurodiversity exists. We are all different; in fact, every child is different and as a result each one develops and learns differently. This is the reality we must keep in mind so we can understand, help, and provide the experiences each one needs in order to learn and come to understand the world.
Every single day I am convinced of the huge responsibility we as teachers have for the development of the children who are by our side from an early age. That is why it is imperative that we identify the needs and discover the strengths that will form the basis of their development.

Marta Lucía Bernal Álvarez.