The School


In 1953, the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, arrived in Medellin with the purpose of founding a school to provide education in values based upon the Catholic faith which would prepare young women for significant roles in society and would allow them to learn English as a second language. This was the beginning of Marymount School Medellin, the beginning of a legacy that started with the community’s founder Mother Marie Joseph Butler that is still present today.
In 1975, the sisters called a meeting with the parents and expressed their interest in having them participate more actively in the school guidance. Thus, the Amigos del Marymount association was established to “promote, encourage, guide and help the school in all its activities”.

In the 1980’s, the sisters were asked to go back to their home community and were forced to close their institutions in Colombia. The families that belonged to the school back then decided to buy the school and the Board of Directors was entrusted to conduct the negotiations with the sisters.
To ensure clear and adequate school guidance, The Marymount Corporation, Cormary, was founded. In 1987, Cormary began to outline the academic and philosophical guidelines for the institution. Also, Amigos del Marymount, owners of the school facilities, loaned the property to Cormary. Amigos del Marymount, owner of the School facilities, gave them in comodato to the Cormary.
In 2005, the school reestablished contact with the Network of Schools of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary with the purpose of improving the learning of foreign languages, strengthening the links with other cultures and sharing best practices in education. Nowadays the school is a member of the network along with schools in Bogota and Barranquilla (Colombia); Los Angeles, New York and Montebello (USA); Cuernavaca (Mexico); Belfast (Ireland); London (England); 2 schools in Rome (Italy); Paris (France); 5 schools in Brazil; and Oporto, Fatima and Lisbon (Portugal).

MISSION 2015 – 2020
Marymount School Medellin is an international, private, Catholic institution whose main goal is to educate happy, well-grounded human beings, and competent, socially responsible citizens, who respect the environment, different cultures and religions.

To achieve this, the Marymount Model identifies and strengthens each student´s abilities and skills, utilizing the commitment of an interdisciplinary team in constant growth that encourages innovation and investigation processes into their professional function, with the appropriate technological, pedagogic and financial resources.


By 2020, Marymount School Medellin will be recognized nationally and internationally as a provider of high quality education for providing society with competent, well-grounded and happy human beings.

The school’s core principles demonstrate our commitment to educating students who embody the following values:
• Respect
• Responsibility
• Honesty
• Solidarity
• Tolerance
• Spirituality
It is important to highlight that these values are interrelated, made visible through our relationships with others and strengthen our everyday work.